David Hohl:

With over ten years as a script consultant, and a five star rating* as a story doctor, David Hohl brings screenwriters of all levels the needed boost to get market ready. Both his reasonable fee, and very personal attention has made David a well sought-after consultant and mentor. David has done script analysis for studio writers to screenplay newbies. His personal and attentive touch will bring your project to the next level.

*Five star rated consultant at Script Pipeline

Preferred Ink Tip consultant


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Script Analysis for your feature

    1. A complete, multiple reading of your script (once for flow, pacing, and readability, and the second for detailed story analysis.)
    2. Advanced script notes OR Recorded Audio Notes (MP3) on your script, suggestions on how to improve your re-write and get it ready for sale. Notes on arc, theme, dialogue, pace, commercial potential, etc.
    3. A script matrix graphic explaining how you were ranked in certain areas
    4. Email support if you have questions on the notes
    5. Guaranteed work by David Hohl, not an intern or assistant
    6. Discount on Future drafts
    7. Marketing Suggestions

Analysis Fee: $395.00

 Turn-around time: 7-10 business days. Rush service also available.

TO START, simply email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and say you are interested in screenplay analysis or one-on-one mentorship. I will send you instructions on how to proceed.


"Your comments about the main characters arc were especially helpful. Most important to me, you understood what I was trying to accomplish and gave vital suggestions for developing the script's potential. I look forward to working with you in the future and I'd recommend your services to any aspiring screen writer."
-Robert Hendrickson (writer of SAY GOODNIGHT, ROMEO)

"As a beginning screenwriter, Mr. Hohl's professional insight guided me in developing a marketable property. His constructive analysis was thorough, and his enthusiasm inspired me to work harder to create my vision. After using David Hohl's HotScripts twice, I give my highest recommendation. His reasonable fees are money well spent."
-Ari Mello (Writer of CAESAR)

"David knows how to hone in on a script's weaknesses and was willing to custom-taylor my coverage for specific questions I had. Your money is well spent here."
Note: Jay's script was optioned after analysis.

"David's script analysis helped me look at my screenplay from a new perspective, allowing a more creative and solid re-writing process. I'd suggest using him before any rewrite, and certainly before sending any script out to market."
-Martin Wheeler (Produced Writer of: 7 Seconds, Black Dawn, The Detonator)

"Thank you so much for the feedback on Selfish Help. I really appreciate your thoughtful and clever comments. I'm reading it through now and taking notes. Your suggestion for Scott's character arc is nothing short of brilliant!."
-Wendy N (writer of SELFISH HELP)

And, as a personal screenplay mentor...

"As a beginner screenwriter, David Hohl's expertise on how to write a screenplay has been priceless. David's patience, perseverance and unique ability to ask the right questions has challenged me as a writer not to settle for ordinary , but to dig deep and strive for extraordinary writing, that will capture an audience's attention. His one on one attention has given me all the tools I needed to begin my journey into writing my first screenplay!!! David is very motivating and encouraging and always positive! I am fortunate & thankful to be working with such a gifted writer and teacher!"
- Holly Angel

"The horror genre is a great point-of-entry for aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers. But you need an amazing script that will stand out from the pack. David Hohl gives you the tools and techniques to write a killer script that will help jumpstart your career."
-Nicole Jones-Dion

"David has worked with me several times and consulted on two scripts I'm producing. His analysis and discussion with my writers was an invaluable resource in getting the scripts into a polished state, ready for production."
-Chris Soth (Million Dollar Screenwriting)

CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


One Year-One  Project Personal Apprenticeships also available