Press Release


Horror Master Class bursting on the scene this Halloween

By David Hohl

October 25, 2012

Hollywood, CA– This Halloween, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day (Oct 31-Nov2) only, the Anatomy of Horror Master Course is enrolling students for the first time. Developed over several years by produced horror writer, and five-star rated script consultant, David Hohl, this course will deliver the genre secrets to help break into Horror screenwriting and producing. The on-line course lives at

About the Anatomy of Horror

Anatomy of Horror Master course is offered by the Kick@$$ Screenplay school as an on-line thirteen week course in the horror genre. Students will master basic screenwriting, and the elements of advanced horror writing. They can complete the course in thirteen weeks, or take up to a year to gain their certificate as a Horror Master. The class is supervised and developed by a five-star rated screenplay consultant and produced horror writer, David Hohl. The class was created because David has seen that Horror is one of the easiest genres to sell because it is the star itself, not needing a big budget or famous star to succeed.

Many of the top 20 most successful movies of all time (based on Return on Investment) are horror – Halloween, Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project, and Saw, to name a few.