Fear and Excitement

What makes people love to go to Horror movies?

We’ll, there are many reasons, but let’s look at one that came about from a study conducted by Psychologist Arthur Aron.  The  study brought 33 men across a dangerous, unstable bridge to meet a very attractive female assistant on the other end. At the conclusion of the walk, the assistant gave a survey and her number to each man and said to call if they had questions about the experiment. In another group of 33 men, they met the same assistant, but after crossing a very sound, sturdy bridge. Of the 33 men crossing the unstable bridge, 9 called the assistant later compared to 2 from the stable bridge group.

The conclusion was that fight or flight response can mimic sexual arousal – it encourages sexual attraction. Have you ever got off a scary roller coaster ride and felt exhilarated, glad to be alive, and energized? We’ve also all heard stories about people getting married after going through fearful situations together. Now we know one of the many reasons people like Horror movies.

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